Total Asset Visibility

As the business environment continues to globalise and the extended enterprise becomes a reality, it is more important than ever that an organisation can access real time information about the status of the products and tools in its supply chain. This facilitates a reduction in time taken to stock take and improvement in inventory usage. The requirement becomes even more urgent when considered in the context of intensifying competition, resource pressures, rapid technological evolution and blurring industry boundaries. This utilisation of Automated Identification Technologies (AIT) also encourages a LEAN environment and, as a result, reduces waste in the Supply Chain.

What We Offer

We can provide process analysis, business requirements specification development, proof of concept planning and acquisition strategy development for your organisation’s supply chain AIT system. Our skill set includes Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) with a detailed understanding of the most appropriate and cost effective implementations for an asset management strategy. As an independent service provider, we are not tied to one supplier and are able to deliver off-the-shelf or customised solutions tailored to meet your needs. Where necessary, we can re-engineer existing supply chain processes to deliver an enterprise strength solution which will optimise the value and return-on-investment of implementing an asset tracking-management system.


A key value for money discriminator in our approach is the adoption and use of Lean techniques, which are designed to eliminate waste and produce an efficient, just-in-time organisation. Lean is a way of giving people at all levels of an organisation the skills and means to systematically drive out waste by designing improved ways of working and easing flows in supply chains. The implementation of Lean involves changing a work area and/or process to maximise efficiency, improve quality and safety, eliminate unnecessary motion and inventory, and save time. This allows the work force to be output and operationally focused.