Program Management

Program management is about much more than managing a large complex project. The delivery of outcomes using a number of linked projects, in a series of tranches requires a different set of skills. Using Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), the equivalent methodology to PRINCE2, we manage your program and projects in a consistent way.

What Are The Benefits

Foremost for any organisation involved in change programs should be the definition and realisation of benefits. These form the reason that the program exists and help define how the program will be delivered. Projects will be initiated to deliver the benefits and are planned in such a way that a project will deliver discrete capability which when combined with other projects produce the desired outcomes. The management of the projects to ensure that the program schedule is maintained is crucial and resource management between projects to achieve balanced delivery is vital.

Communication and stakeholder management are key activities especially as in some cases certain stakeholders may be disadvantaged to achieve the overall desired outcome