Whether it be Operational or Strategic, realising best value for the Procurement of  goods and services can be a challenge for many organisations. Sourcing  ‘one off’ or global  goods or services is critical to your organisation and can present a  number of operational and commercial risks if you do not have the right processes in place.  Effective Sourcing takes a holistic approach to the organisations goods or services requirements, understands the market, the suppliers, the risks, the life cycle and alternatives. It also ensures that suppliers are aligned with your organisations  values of  safety, quality and community.

Key Components of Effective Sourcing

  • Determining what is Operational or Strategic  sourcing
  • Developing a Sourcing strategy
  • Completing a Risk profile
  • Pre qualification of suppliers
  • Preparation of RFP or Tender documentation
  • Evaluation of responses
  • Contract negotiation and Award