Category Management

Organisations often duplicate Sourcing activities and incur unnecessary cost when a clearly defined Category Management process is not in place. The key to effective Category Management for any organisation is to have full visibility of all goods and services sourcing strategies at a local, regional and global level.  Clearly defined Sourcing categories in place in your organisation will facilitate efficient management of the category through consistency of process, identification of operational and commercial synergies and driving supplier efficiencies and value. Category Management also creates opportunities to bundle similar service requirements or scopes of work into a single sourcing strategy which will leverage value for your organisation. Category management enables your Procurement team to  develop long term strategic relationships with suppliers through single point contract management, invoicing and systems.

We can provide high level support to your organisation by identifying sourcing categories (such as Raw materials, Fuel and Lubes, Maintenance services, Engineering services & Logistics), conducting market research on suppliers within the categories and identifying opportunities for service or price synergies.