Inventory Optimisation

The goal of any product based organisation should be to reduce inventory levels whilst continuously striving to improve the service levels offered to their customers or users. Indeed, in the current environment, the need to optimally manage inventory levels has never been greater. Too little of the right stock and you fail to make a sale or support the business functions. Too much money tied up in the wrong stock and you constrain the potential of your business. Inventory optimisation can be a complex, and often expensive, business. But it need not be.

RubiKon delivers a completely scalable range of services from one-off critical analysis consulting and audits through to ongoing management of your inventory holdings to enhance your business performance and dramatically optimise your inventory management. Utilising a range of unique and proven inventory management tools, RubiKon can deliver guaranteed inventory cost and effectiveness improvements for commodities close to an optimum system-based method but with substantially less data and significantly lower labour overheads.