Inventory Disposal

Once Inventory has been identified as surplus or obsolete there is often a requirement to quickly “get rid” of it. However, we caution that disposing of stock quickly can lead to a raft of issues if the following are not addressed:

  • Legislation
  • Cost realisation, Net Book Value v Gross Book Value
  • Replacement value and cost
  • Replacement pipelines
  • Right source of disposal
  • Understanding the duty of care of disposals

RubiKon can shape your strategy to deal with necessary disposals and ensure that you get the best return from your items. This includes identifying a market for your stock, understanding the legislation for disposal, including national assets, waste disposal and disposal of toxic and other substances.

Our teams have experience which has seen full disposals and sales from aircraft fleets and Rural Roads Plant Equipment to the auctioning of obsolete items, smelting of metals and of toxic waste disposals. By understanding your situation and your business needs, and agreeing & documenting your objectives before doing an assessment of the potential disposal items, we can implement the most cost effective method of disposal for your organisation. This includes auctions and tendering return to OEM or the establishment of enabling contracts that will dispose of waste in the appropriate, legally compliant manner.