RubiKon specialises in delivering Integrated Logistics and Project support services to Defence, defence industry and public sector clients. Our differentiator is the depth and breadth of our expertise and our innovative attitude to solving complex problems and streamlining organisations.

Years of previous experience has proven to us that most people work better in a team environment. We are happier in our work when we belong to something and are recognised for what we bring to the business, at a personal and a professional level. None of us really relish the idea of being a tiny expendable cog in an enormous machine.

To this end, we have tried to build (and continue building) an organisation of logistics and project professionals where everyone is a legitimate contributor to the overall growth, sustainability and reputation of the business. Whilst we have the odd lone ranger dotted about the place, happy to immerse themselves in their chosen specialty, our focus is on creating a team environment where everyone feels they fit in and have a role to play. Where it’s necessary to enhance skill sets and raise the professional bar, everyone has access to our Competence, Training and Awareness program which is designed to support the development of domain knowledge and enabling skills.

At a personal level, we firmly support the principle of a balanced life and have tried very hard to avoid regimens, bureaucracy or inflexible hierarchies.  We like to think that we are agile enough and flexible enough to cater to the career aspirations of each member of our team.  Rather than insisting that everyone puts in an 80hr week or, conversely, that everyone heads out the door at 5pm to a happy family, our aim is to provide an environment where every individual can achieve their own personal work-life-income balance.

On top of all this, we believe in sharing the wealth – when the business does well, everybody wins.

It’s not all about the team though. We might be slightly unconventional, but we are still highly professional and we strive for, and achieve, the highest quality outcome for our clients. Nothing short of excellence is acceptable when it comes to delivering on a contract and our list of blue chip clients is testimony to this unwavering standard.


We are always looking for talented and, in particular, dynamic professionals to join us. The roles and opportunities that we have available are changing all the time, whether it be within the same industry or a complete shift outside to something new.

Team players will thrive the most in our environment although from a client/work perspective, you would also need to work as comfortably in an unsupervised role as you can in a multi-disciplinary group setting. Whilst we are, of course, extremely interested in people with specialist Supply Chain, Logistics and Project Management qualifications, equally, we value experience and attitude.

Everyone has unique talents. If you think yours would fit in with us, then don’t hesitate to email us at (don’t forget to include an updated copy of your CV) or call one of our Operations Managers here.